1. SIGNS: Let us put up a sign at your home or business, and please ask all Roswell friends and neighbors to let us do the same. When you and they agree, please e-mail us the name and addresses and we’ll put them up.
  2. DONATE: We arein need of donations. You can donate up to $2,800 per person and per business. So a business can donate $2,800 and a husband and wife can each donate $2,800 max. To donate, please go here: Or you can mail a check to: Geoff Smith for Roswell, 350 Todwick Drive, Roswell, GA 30075.
  3. MEET AND GREETS: We are looking for residents who can hold a meet and greet at their house, business or elsewhere. These can be as small as 10 people, or as large as 100 or more. We are trying to schedule Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from now until the end of the campaign on Nov. 5. If you, or one of your friends or neighbors, would like to host a Meet and Greet, please let us know a date ASAP as they are filling up fast. We can help with the food, drinks and entertainment. We just need you to provide the location and the audience!
  4. CANVASSING THE NEIGHBORHOODS: We are taking this campaign door-to-door across the entire city. If you would like to spend some afternoons meeting some of Roswell’s finest residents and telling them about our campaign, let us know!!
  5. SIGN WAIVERS ON ELECTION DAY: We will need sign wavers at each voting precinct. If you would like to spend some time standing and waving our sign to people driving by, please let us know!!!


I was born and raised in Roswell, I am raising my family here in Roswell, and I have volunteered here my entire life. I love this city and am 100% invested in its past, present and future. Over the years I have led and served on committees that have had positive impacts on our education system, on children through youth sports, on those disadvantaged in our community, and with our business community through workforce and economic development. I look forward to meeting as many Roswell residents as I can during this campaign process and learning all of the ways they think Roswell can be better.


Smith lives in the Kiveton Park subdivision with his wife Brenda and their two boys Samuel and Charlie, who are in 8th and 5th grades. He started his career as a newspaper reporter, covering business and political news in North Fulton on local and regional issues. He then started his own company doing custom remodels for homes throughout the Metro area before the downturn in 2008. He then worked his way back up as a marketing professional, eventually becoming VP of a tech company, managing and supporting their North American sales team. In 2013, he immersed himself back into the local community, joining the local branch of Assurance Financial, where he serves today as a mortgage banker, helping residents find financing options for their home-purchases, or refinances. Assurance is a nationwide lender that was voted a best place to work. Smith currently serves on the company’s Advisory Board, advising leadership on company policies.

Volunteer Resume:

  • Chairman Greater North Fulton of Commerce Education Committee
  • Co-Founder, Mimosa Elementary Collective Impact Project
  • Steering Committee for GNFCC Workforce Development
  • Board Member, STAR House Foundation
  • Advisory Board Member Wellstar North Fulton Regional Hospital with focus on fighting the Opioid Crisis
  • Volunteer Fireman City of Mtn. Park
  • Roswell Football and Baseball Association Board Member
  • Head Coach for more than 12 youth baseball, football and basketball teams
  • St. Peter Chanel Men’s Club Executive Committee


Having served with respected professionals in our non-profit and private sectors, as well as residents of our city, the following are some of what is driving me to want to be your next City Councilman:

  • Servant Leadership Style: I’ve become known in our community as a person who puts teams together to get good things done. In recent years, I’ve been asked by others in our community to tackle several issues and today there are programs in place that are making our community better.
    I started as a volunteer firefighter after 9/11, and over the years worked my way up to leadership roles in everything from workforce and economic development, to education and starting a program for at-risk children to help improve their test scores in school. I’ve head-coached more than 12 youth sports teams in Roswell and sit on the Roswell Youth Baseball and Football boards. I was recently asked to work on the Advisory Board to North Fulton Regional Hospital as they move further into their ownership under Wellstar. There is a huge network of wonderful volunteer organizations here in Roswell lifting up our community including STAR House, Homestretch, the Drake House, RUMC Job Networking and North Fulton Community Charities. And whether you volunteer through your child’s school, help coach them in sports, help support a local mountain biking club or donate to good causes – you are what makes Roswell unique and special.
    I believe in a servant leadership style of management where a strong leader gets things done through helping other people grow and wanting to become servants themselves. I plan to bring that leadership-style to my post at City Hall and help to make sure our staff has all the resources they need to help us make this city the best place to live, work and play in the country.
  • Beautification and Connectivity: I want to both beautify and connect the parts of Roswell that need it. Holcomb Bridge Road looks nothing like the rest of our city and I want to promote infrastructure improvements along it to inspire the commercial property owners to remodel and maybe repurpose their properties. Specifically, to promote repurposing of our failing retail commercial centers toward office, which will increase our tax-base and will help support the other commercial properties around them.
    Rather than a corridor of state road, it should be a connection of neighborhood centers and gathering places.
    I want to fill in the gaps in our sidewalk network, and push funding for the Roswell Loop – a multi-use trail system that encircles Roswell. This will make it easier to residents to get from one gathering place to the next.
  • Regional Partnerships to Fund Local Solutions: I want to work with my friends at the Atlanta Regional Commission and the state to move Roswell’s major projects up the priority list, so we can fast-track things like building a second crossing over GA400, and to make sure that crossing is first-class.And push for intersection improvements along the major state roads that run through Roswell.

We don't need to rebuild Roswell. But we could use some remodeling