Listening and Leading in Roswell

Servant Leadership Style: Smith has become known in our community as a person who puts teams together to get good things done. In recent years, he’s been asked to tackle issues in our community and today there are programs in place that are making our community better.

Smith started as a volunteer firefighter after 9/11, and over the years worked his way up to leadership roles in everything from workforce and economic development, to education and starting a program for at-risk children to help improve their test scores in school. He has head-coached more than 12 youth sports teams in Roswell and sits on the Roswell youth Baseball and Football boards. He was recently asked to work on the Advisory Board to North Fulton Regional Hospital as they move further into their ownership under Wellstar. There is a huge network of wonderful volunteer organizations here in Roswell lifting up our community including STAR House, Homestretch, the Drake House, RUMC Jobs Network and North Fulton Community Charities, to name a few. He is proud to have been a part of this community.

Smith believes in a servant leadership style of management where a strong leader gets things done through helping other people grow and wanting to become servants themselves. He plan to bring that style of leadership to City Hall.

Beautification and Connectivity

Smith wants to use those leadership skills, as well as his knowledge and relationships with regional and state partners to both beautify and connect the parts of Roswell that need it. Holcomb Bridge Road looks nothing like the rest of our city and Smith wants to promote infrastructure improvements along it to inspire the commercial property owners to redevelop and maybe repurpose their properties.

Specifically to promote repurposing of our failing retail commercial centers toward office, which will increase our tax-base and will help support the other commercial properties around them.

Smith wants to fill in the gaps in our sidewalk network, and push funding for the Roswell Loop – a conceptual multi-use trail system that encircles Roswell.

Regional Partnerships to fund local solutions

Smith wants to work with his friends at the Atlanta Regional Commission and GDOT to move Roswell’s major projects up the priority list, so we can fast-track things like building another crossing over GA400. And making sure the design is first-class. And getting intersection improvements along the major state roads that run through Roswell.

“I’ve heard from a lot of residents already, and I quite frankly look forward to hearing more as I go door to door,” said Smith. “The bottom line is this: I was born and raised here in Roswell. I’m raising my two sons in Roswell with my wife Brenda. And I want to do everything I can to make sure that they have the same opportunity to raise their family in what we can strive to make the best place to live, work and play in the country.”

We don't need to rebuild Roswell. But we could use some remodeling